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Summer 2019

Happiness again with blissful weather. No less than the hottest June ever. Had a nice summer with many many lovely guests. Little rain, but that’s not a problem for campers!

Winter 2018/2019

And what kind of winter …. epic. Early in the December the snow starts and then it continued to snow and blizzard continuously for three weeks. A lot of snow in a short time. Bought a shovel to help us with the snow. Unfortunately a lot of damage in the woods and many fences broken by the snow. But we and our guests enjoyed a good snow winter.

Summer 2018

A wonderful warm summer with very little rain, making it a super camping season.Normally in Ramsau there is always a season that is not entirely nice weather, for the first time in 13 years that we have been living here all seasons were super weather.

Spring 2018

The apartment get a new balcony, new windows and door (three double glas)
The old fronthome become isolation and renovation.

Winter 2017

Lots of Snow from early in the saison. It was a long cold winter 😀👍❄️⛄️🛷⛷🏂

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