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Mid March, a weekend earlier than we wanted, we closed because of the corona outbreaks everywhere. Fortunately, the guests we had, went earlier back well in their country, but some of them had to be quarantined for 14 days. There was an obligatory break for Niels, he did not exercise physio for 5 weeks. Apart from not be able to visit family and go on holidays, we were fortunately allowed to walk the dogs and enjoyed the quite time. It was strange to have every day a car-free Sunday outside. When everything got back to normal we started working on the camping site again. Assuming that Corona will stay with us for a while, but we have continued to invest in confidence for the future. For example, new power cables have been laid and new power boxes have been installed. We have replaced many wooden beams of the terraces and in the guesthouse we have replaced a lot of windows with three double glazing. Austria has locked into an early lockdown and overall, there have been very few infections and deaths, hopefully this will continue to be during the relaxation. Of course, there are far fewer people living here on a much larger surface than in other countries. With adapted measures: hand alcohol, facial masks (although relaxation is in sight) with disinfectant, we will hopefully have a nice summer for the guests who will visit us.

Winter 2019/2020

What a luck that we already had snow before Christmas! We were unable to accept all requests. It was a fairly warm winter, but with snow every week good conditions for cross-country skiing and skiing.

Summer 2019

Happiness again with blissful weather. No less than the hottest June ever. Had a nice summer with many many lovely guests. Little rain, but that’s not a problem for campers!

Winter 2018/2019

And what kind of winter …. epic. Early in the December the snow starts and then it continued to snow and blizzard continuously for three weeks. A lot of snow in a short time. Bought a shovel to help us with the snow. Unfortunately a lot of damage in the woods and many fences broken by the snow. But we and our guests enjoyed a good snow winter.

Summer 2018

A wonderful warm summer with very little rain, making it a super camping season.Normally in Ramsau there is always a season that is not entirely nice weather, for the first time in 13 years that we have been living here all seasons were super weather.

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