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New cancellation conditions for camping and guest house

Bookings can be canceled or canceled free of charge up to 14 days before arrival, without giving any reason.
The payment must be in our account 14 days before arrival, preferably no earlier than 14 days in connection with a possible refund.

In case of cancellation between 14 days and arrival, the payment will be refunded if one of the following occurs:

  • The Austrian government’s corona traffic light in our province is red.
  • The border to Austria is closed and arrival is not possible.
  • If statements have been made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the Prime Minister of your country and a travel warning has been issued about our country / region. Not necessarily traveling there is not recommended by the ministers. A trip to Austria for vacation is not possible.
  • The guest or persons in the same household who have been tested positive on a planned holiday (statement from a doctor must not be older than 48 hours!) Or the required quarantine has not yet ended at the time of arrival. The guest (s) is obliged to submit a document for proof.

Autumn 2020

Not yet rid of the Corona virus for the time being. Another lockdown in November, but then we are always closed. It will be exciting again whether we can open, and whether skiing will be possible …
Ip the intention is that everything can continue.

Improvements made in the autumn: balconies stained, the tent areas in the garden improved, new poster pictures made above the beds. We now only have 1 camper place for the whole year on the campsite and leave it that way. The dining room tables have been sanded and varnished.

Summer 2020

After the lockdown in April and May, we saw it gloomy how the summer season would be. June was not very busy yet, but July, August and September exceeded all expectations.
Camping took a great flight, which we were lucky with, but the guest house has also been well occupied. Disinfecting meant a lot of extra work, and not all guests were happy with a mouth mask obligation in the reception, but luckily we got through the summer corona free despite the many guests.


Winter 2019/2020

What a luck that we already had snow before Christmas! We were unable to accept all requests. It was a fairly warm winter, but with snow every week good conditions for cross-country skiing and skiing.

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